This is a jar that we made where we used as many
textures as possile, I used many differnt types of items to create different

This is a metal mug, This project required lots of smoothening.

This is a metal box that I made. I wanted it to look like tall sheets of metal connect by scerws. I felt like i did a good job on this project. (I don't know how to make the picture upright.)

This next project was a coil pot. I was happy with the design i chose in the end. I wasnt sure if it would work at the time, but it did.

(MY next project, the coil mug, that should be here is still waiting to get fired.)

This next project is a chalice. When it was drying, something must have been leaning on it because the next day after i made it, it was crooked.

My next project was the chalice mug. I wasn't sure how to make one, but i assumed it needed a narrow neck and a wide top. It also is easy to grab and drink out of becasue of the neck; so here is my attempt at making one.

My next project was an ugly jug. I just kinda put a face together making random facial parts up as I went along, and i must sa... ITS UGLY!

I also had to make a ugly mug, but i wanted this one to look like a fance guy with a mustache. So here was my attempt at that.

My next project I had to make a jar that was 10" tall. I made this jar with coils.

I also had to make a narrow neck mug for this project. So i smiply made a narrow neck mug on the wheel.

This is a square mug that i made of my square pot project. Sadly my square pot project this still waiting to get fired.IMG_5989.JPG

Sadly my square pot project this still waiting to get fired.

For my final I had to make a Perfect mug. This mug that I made is indeed flawless. The dessign on the side is steller, the handle is perfectly placed, the size of it is enormous, and the glazing color choice is very nice looking. Everyone would want a mug that looks like mine right here.